SB Fitness Body Toner


Featuring Hydro-tech: a new flexible, comfortable and dry material  found by Shane Butler.  It helps with sweating more based on activity and movement.

SB Fitness Body Toner targets the trapezius deltoid (shoulders), latissimus dorsi, lumbar (back area), pectorals (chest), obliques (core), and the abdomen (stomach area).

Helps with posture to help prevent back pain during everyday movements and exercise activities.

Very discreet, comfortable and light weight.  Easy to put on and take off.  Won’t take up much room in luggage while traveling or in gym bag or backpacks.

Stylish colors, very fashionable in any workout setting.  Your workout apparel does not have to look boring and depressing.

Easy to wash and dry.

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 SIZE WAIST(CM) WAIST(Inches) Height(Front) Height(Back)
S 72-75 28-30 28cm 46cm
M 75-78 30-31 28cm 46cm
L 78-81 31-32 29cm 47cm
XL 81-84 32-33 30cm 48cm
2XL 84-87 33-34 30cm 48cm
3XL 87-90 34-35 31cm 49cm
4XL 90-93 35-36 32cm 50cm

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